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Schoolastica is developed with the best technological tools, database,
standards, and platforms, guaranteeing security, speed, and a 99.99% uptime.

This is a complete and most updated school management software that facilitates schools to deal with all its activities like admission, fees collection, attendance, employee management, payroll, academic module management, and whatnot!

Apart from all these great features the software allows schools to plan their events and actions according to each academic session. So this is the smart school management software where you get the collaborated format of all possible features you can desire for!

The software facilitates you not only with fees collection of the students but also features like setting up due date, special notification sending to each student while approaching the due date.

And last but not the least automatically adding the fines with e the software facilitates you not only with fees collection of the students but also features like setting up due date, special notification sending to each student while approaching the due date, and last but not the least automatically adding the fines with each fee that has already passed its due date!

We have already integrated SSLCommerz payment gateway with the software. bKash or any other payment gateway can be added if required.

So collecting admission or tuition fees has never been so easy!

Schoolastica provides functionality to manage student fee waive or scholarships. Simply define waive amount and details it will be reflected immediately in student fee payment invoices!

It has been a common complaint that students bunk classes after giving attendance for the day.

So here we come with the solution where you can set up the system thus each student will have to give attendance for each class of the day! We believe parents and teachers would love this feature. Sorry to the students though!

The best feature of the software that makes it stand out of conventional software is when a student passes one class to another after each annual exam, with the conventional software you need to remove and re input all the pieces of information again.

But with Schoolastica It gets updated automatically according to the result sheet! Isn't that something you always cherished for!

Teachers will be able to maintain their admin panel to upload, update and Share course materials instantly. Just one platform for all of it together!

Teachers can share the topic of the day with students along with all the details in any convenient format like PDF, JPEG or Doc file. Students and parents can get notification of that update which will facilitate the perfect synchronization of information sharing.

The interface supports PDF or Documents any formats of files. so it is really easy to Manage both assigning homework and assignments as well as checking them on the go.

Starting from announcing the exam schedule, collecting papers, Checking, and finally publishing the grade sheets has never been so easy and collaborated within one single platform.

Class or exam routines can be updated and shared with all students and parents as well just by a finger touch! The software allows the teachers to publish schedules, any change of routines, and even send notifications of those specific changes.

Collaborating the monthly or quarterly exam results teachers can generate grade sheets right from the software!. There are different preset themes or modules which the teachers can use to design their grade sheets. Another exceptional feature that makes this software stand out of the crowd is, you can now send each student and their parents customized grade sheets that will consist of only that specific student's result!

The platform allows you to manage all and any kind of documents like Student's details, Parent's profile, Teacher's profile, Admission documents, and whatnot!

You can save with different updates and versions which makes the whole management process as easy as a piece of cake!

Schoolastica provides seamless API support! You can access your data through API to integrate your school to another platform. You will get the same comfortable interface that you will become a fan of!

Outstanding & Unique Features

Every school is different. Schoolastica is designed to support any kind
of School of all sizes and structure, with customizable grading, report card systems, and much more.

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Personalizing Data

We care about your sensitive data.
Schoolastica has flexibility in using
and updating data

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Education Simplified

It is a collaboration platform for all
the teachers and students along
with parents

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Priceless for less the price

Schoolastica offers different packages.
And the best part is you'll get 14
days for trial

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Improved User Experience

Share resources with the whole team
in one click! We work for all small to big
schools with a similar approch


Schoolastica offers different affordable plans that schools can easily pick the right one
for their school. Please let us know if you want custom plan, we are
very much happy to hear you


Affordable school management

৳19.99 / mo
per student
  • Smart School Management
  • Teacher Login
  • Admission Management
  • Exam Management
  • Result Management
  • Interactive Attendance Management
  • API Support
  • and many more ...

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Our most popular plan

৳22.99 / mo
per student
  • Features on Basic plan
  • Student Fees Management
  • Online Payment
  • Fee waive management
  • Student Profile and Login
  • Parent Login
  • Course Material management
  • Interactive Routine Management
  • and many more ...

14-day free trial

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Experience the best

৳24.99 / mo
per student
  • Features on Basic & Premium Plan
  • Course Session material management
  • Home work or Assignment Management
  • Grade-sheet management
  • Digital Document management
  • Back office management
  • and many more ...

14-day free trial

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